Welcome to the wicked world of Sekshun 8. Where A legion of fans writhe in rhythmic ecstasy to the sounds pouring from their souls. Sekshun 8's debut album "Black Winged Butterfly" hits from all sides. From the drug induced "Still Smokin”, the hardships of a "Broken Home", or the climactic goodness of "Hooked." But their album is only half the story.

Sekshun 8 was born five years ago when four lifelong friends got together to jam. After realizing they were more than just a garage band, they decided to get serious and explore the local scene. Along the way they had several brushes with legends in the industry: Alice Cooper and Kiss producer Bob Ezrin, vocal coach and ex-wife of Mutt Lange, Stevie Vann Lange, and former drummer of the Doobie Brothers, Chet McCracken.

The stage show of Sekshun 8 cannot easily be described in words. It's a sensory overload of lights, smoke, a bound madman and enough energy to leave the guys and their fans breathless. Sekshun 8 gives new meaning to the phrase "Where the Inmates Run the Asylum."

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